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Who is Kylie Kiel?

Born and Raised in Graphic Design

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Kylie Kiel

The love of typography & design runs through my veins. My mother started her own desktop publishing business with a Mac Classic. I have been around layout, typesetting, and print, as long as I can remember. She has updated her hardware but is still going strong.
Before I decided that my heart couldn't stay quiet any longer, and deny that I was my mother's daughter, I managed to bring design and layout to all of my jobs: making new forms, better signs, letterhead, websites. Anything I could beautify, I volunteered to help. Now I don't resist, I just create. 
I worked with my mother on and off through the years and am co-owner of her business Print Matters, which focuses on publications for associations and business cards and print materials for universities and corporations.
When I am not "working," I am spending time photographing the beautiful place I live in California and my cats, who have more followers on Instagram than I ever will, and any foster kittens we can help.

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